Using the Sun's energy to generate useful electricity to power your home.

Solar PV has advanced lots over the last 10 years: the efficiencies have increased, the number of panels needed to get the maximum power has decreased and the installed cost has dramatically decreased too - a win win for you.

The feed in tariff that enticed so many people into getting Solar PV in the first place has been withdrawn, however, a new tariff is in town... The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG).

This new government-backed initiative means that you can earn money from the unused electricity that you send back to the grid. This earning revenue, combined with the savings you can make from using the generated electricty from your main electricity bill can be very attractive (especially with the increasing energy prices). With these earnings and savings in mind, your Installation could be paid back in as little as 6 years...A proper survey of your property will determine how much of an investment it will be for you.

Having battery storage and/or having an electric vehicle means that all of the electricity generated by your solar system can be used by you.

  • Solar PV on your home means that your energy bills will be less impacted by the rise in energy costs.

  • The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) earns you money for every kilowatt that you don't use and send back to the grid.

  • Battery storage or an EV stores all unused electricity for when you need it.

HEAT PUMPS (Air sourced and Ground sourced)

Even though it might feel cold outside, there is still heat in the air all the way down to -273 degrees. Heat pumps are able to take this heat out of the surrounding environment and then, through the refrigeration process in reverse, able to increase it enough to heat your home and hot water.

At 8 degrees Celsius, the heat pump will provide about 4 times more heat than the electricity used to power it - this is really efficient! As the temperature drops, the efficiency drops too, but will still give plenty of heat down to an outside temperature of -10 degrees Celsius and below.

The key is to make sure that your home is really well insulated first. It makes sense to initially spend money  to get your home up to a really good insulation value - this will ensure your heat pump doesn't work too hard when it doesn't need to, meaning the electricity used will be at the lowest.

Ground sourced heat pumps don't lose efficiency when the air gets cold, they rely on the thermal qualities of the ground, which are virtually constant throughout the year. The installation cost is more than air sourced heat pumps due to ground excavation/drilling but the running costs are less. Whereas an air sourced heat pump will be less expensive for the installation but the running costs would be more.

Both are excellent options and rely purely on electricity, meaning no CO2 emitted from your home. Choosing an energy provider that sources its electricity from 100% renewable energy is the best combination, because you know that the electricity that you are taking form the grid was produced in a green way too.

  • Heat pumps take heat from the surrounding environment and multiply it for use in your home.

  • When designed properly, your system will provide all of the hot water that you need. A well insulated home is critical and will keep the bills at their lowest.


There are many different EV chargers on the market, but getting the right one for your car and your preferences is an important decision. Controlling them to charge at certain times of the night when electricity is cheaper and to work in partnership with a future or present solar PV system can save a lot of money and is worth considering. Also, security functions on some chargers will prevent cheeky neighbours from having a free charge when you are away!

The Office for zero emmision Vehicles (OZEV) is currently giving a grant of upto £350 towards the cost of your installation. We are registered with OZEV so you can benefit from this grant through us. We will take care of all of the paperwork. We will deduct this money from your invoice and we will seek the reimbursemnt from the government ourselves. So you benefit from this straightaway.

We can install any EV charger as well as upgrade or enhance any of your electrical circuits or consumer boards if requested (yes we are fully qualified electricians). 

  • Get the right charger that gives you your desired options, security and features.

  • Benefit from the £350 OZEV grant, to go towards the cost of your installation.

  • Whatever you need electrical wise, we'll look after you.



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